Who We Are

Tactile Analytics provides insights for investors on the AR/VR industry and analytical support to the EQM Tactile AR/VR Virtual Technology Index (“the Index”).

What We Do

The Tactile Team covers industry trends with the goal of getting investors up to speed on the fast moving AR/VR space. The Team also provides research and analysis to the Index Selection Committee, a group of stakeholders and industry experts that guide the investment selection process.

The Need for Know-How

Similar to AR/VR technology, AR/VR investing has only recently entered the mind of the general population. This is a rapidly changing space, where companies large and small are trying to determine how important AR/VR is to their future, and how and where to spend capital. In this context we believe focused research is an important asset for investors determined to build diversified thematic exposure, with the goal of ensuring participation in the next breakout computing technology.

Value Chain Investing

As part of our research process, we believe investing across the value chain is an important part of any thematic investment. As the technology cycle progresses, relative value creation will shift among value chain components, as will the specific companies involved in each segment. Tactile will continue to provide timely insights into these trends and remains committed to help providing the investing community an index benchmark representative of the AR/VR industry.