What is Apple’s ARKit 2?

Tech news outlet, Ars Technica, just published an excellent article on how Apple’s ARKit 2 works and why the company is betting on augmented reality technology as a future growth vertical. Apple has essentially created a set of developer’s tools that drastically simplifies the process for creating AR-enabled applications. The original ARKit launched in 2017 and as Apple puts it, “combines motion tracking, scene capture, advanced scene processing, and display conveniences to simplify the task of building an AR experience.”

ARKit 2 is expected to launch with iOS 12 and includes several upgrades that allow for higher fidelity in AR object interaction, along with the sharing of objects between devices. Not only does this enable multiplayer AR gaming, but it could also allow for the creation of persistent objects in defined locations. Furthermore, ARKit 2 enables improved facial tracking and environmental texturing, allowing for more realistic rendering of objects, even in tricky lighting conditions.

Tech Crunch also covered Apple’s WWDC event and put up a short video showcasing Apple’s partnership with LEGO and talked about the possibilities of creating interactive virtual words anchored in physical objects. See the video below.