See the Latest AR/VR Technology In Action

Following industry trends can sometimes make us forget about the truly amazing, immersive nature of augmented and virtual reality. With that in mind, here is a quick round-up of recent demos and other videos showcasing what the newest technology has to offer.


Varjo – Mixed Reality Real-time Test Shoot

Finnish company Varjo is a creator of cutting edge mixed reality (XR) glasses for enterprise applications. In this video clip they demonstrate a real-time test shoot, or essentially what could be done with the company’s upcoming glasses.


Oculus Go – Open Your Eyes

Facebook’s (FB) Oculus division brings us a video showcasing a variety of potential VR applications as well as some great in VR footage.


Magic Leap Studios – Project Create

Magic Leap’s Studios group, tasked with creating and enabling artistic content, released a video showing off the types of AR games and art that can be created and experienced with the company’s recently announced AR headset.

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