Shopify is making AR for retailers easy with AR Quick Look

As we’ve mentioned previously, augmented reality (AR) has the potential to shake up the retail/e-commerce industry by letting users experience products digitally, in 3D, before purchasing.

With the introduction of AR Quick Look in Apple’s iOS 12 update, e-commerce giant Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) is using the technology to make it easier for users to visualize goods on the platform. AR Quick Look lets users view objects in AR through the Safari web browser, without requiring a user to download a standalone app.

Shopify has created a toolkit for getting businesses into AR, including 3D modeling partners and a 3D warehouse app to store visual models.

Several retailers have already signed on with Shopify’s AR launch, including HORNE (home furnishing) and Pure Cycles (bicycles) who have both integrated AR views into their shopping experiences. Check out the video featuring Pure Cycles below.

Our Take

Shopify is making a smart move here by using AR Quick Look to improve shopping experience. Easy of access is crucial to engaging users, and using a web-driven AR experience lowers friction considerably. As more companies build out AR experiences on Shopify, we could see this grow into a basic requirement of consumers for online purchases, particularly for those products that consumers typically want to try out first (think sunglasses and furniture), and may serve to further accelerate e-commerce growth.

Other companies that are making AR retail a reality: Amazon, IKEA, Outdoor Voices

Image/Video Source: Shopify